10 HIGHLIGHTS OF TRANSCARPATHIA / Karpatların en güzel 10 gezi noktaları turu.

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Tur Tarihleri : 27 Mart – 03, 10, 17, 24 Nisan  2020

Carpathian Mountains, castles, palaces, wine, the best that can offer a hospitable Transcarpathia is waiting for you!

Karpaty Sanatorium

This is one of the most romantic and picturesque castles of the scenic Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains – Visit the hunting palace of Shenborn Counts (1890). The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park, with various exotic plants. The structure is unique with 365 windows, 12 entrances, and 52 rooms.


Here, on the only volcanic mountain in the area, sits the most powerful and dramatic fortress in Ukraine – “Palanok” castle (14th century) – built by Prince Fyodor Koriatovych and glorified by Princess Ilona Zrinyi. If there is extra time, you can visit other places in Mukacheve, including Saint Martin chapel (14th century), Rakoczi palace (1663) and the beautiful green City Hall (1903).


The capital of Ukrainian “Hungary” – “Beregszasz” is famous for its pools with unique thermal water, springing up from a depth of 1,600 metres, which is said to cure 86 different diseases. Similar pools can only be found in New Zealand. Also, this location offers several architectural treasures in the town: Gothic Cathedral of All Saints (1370), Cathedral of Reformers (15th century), “Count’s yard” – the estate of Prince Betleni (1629), a Grand Imperial Court Building (1908), and the casino “Golden Peacock”.


The first recorded history of this border town on the river of Uzh, is dated from the year 872, so it will captivate and charm even the most demanding tourist. Walk along the historic street of town – Korzo, visit the most famous temple of the city – Holy Cross Cathedral (1841), see the Roman Catholic Church of St. George (1775), explore one of the oldest castles in Ukraine (XIV century), visit the Transcarpathian Museum of folk architecture and life (Skansen) and be sure to join us in the visit to the village’s iconic tavern.


At the foot of the beautiful Ukrainian Carpathians, come and discover Runa, the largest mountain valley. Visit the Spa Resort Lumshory, which has existed since the XVII century. Here you will find the heavenly beauty of nature and the elements of hell – you will soak in huge metal vats that bubble over a slow fire in the mineral hydrogen sulphide water. For the full experience you can alternate between soaking in the vat and bathing in cold river water. As well as being an unforgettable experience, your body will be rejuvenated with waters that rehabilitate the musculoskeletal system. The healing effects of these waters are said to last 10 years.


This beautiful Lake is said to be one of Seven Wonders of Ukraine. It is also known as the Sea Eye. The lake water is clean, clear, slightly mineralized and the fauna is made up of unique types of shellfish. Near the lake is a rustic, tiered viewing platform, from which you can enjoy all the beauty of the mountain waters.


Along with its mesmerizing cascading waters, that flow between rocks, down to the scenic mountain valley, there flows the 15-meter high Shypit waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine. It starts from a large underground spring, well-known as “the sea eye” in one of the most picturesque places of Ukrainian Carpathians – Borzhava polonyna (meadow). This visit is sure to relax you from the pace of urban life and leave you refreshed.


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